“PEE all over your books, PEE all over your work”

Hello everyone!

After a delayed initiation we at High Flyers are determined to bring you our thoughts and ideas. It has come to our attention that children are getting very confused when it comes to writing essays. Now, don’t think this just concerns GCSE students, this a confusing topic for all ages.

I’m sure we have all had the thought: “Essays are easy, just write your opinion and argue it.”

I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong, because having an opinion is one of the most important things! However, there is simply so much more to it. So, here we go!

I’m also sure you have all come across the term PEE before, whether it has been in class or you’ve heard your child reiterate the word and you have thought they were being very rude. When I was in high school my teacher said to the class, “PEE all over your books, PEE all over your work” – yes, that does sound rude indeed. We giggled and thought our teacher had gone insane, but this is exactly what we at High Flyers pride ourselves on teaching.


For those of you unfamiliar with the term, PEE stands for:

P – Point                             E – Evidence                     E – Explain

Though this may seem quite basic, mastering this technique can prove quite tricky but once you have it you can fly through any written assessment whether it be in English Literature, English Language, History, Science etc. PEE will be the foundation of answering any question that aims to be clear, concise and get TOP MARKS every time– how fabulous is that?!

Let me now break down the term:

P – What is the main point of your answer? Let’s make sure we have actually answered the question before we get ahead of ourselves

E – What evidence can you find to support your point?

E – Now here is the tricky part! To explain yourself requires multiple steps that are not easy to figure out without some help. The biggest clue I can give you now is the question – Why? This is probably the most important, if not the most frustrating, question that you will have to ask yourself.

Since we were children we have been trained to attend to different social, cultural and educational situations by learning how to understand things through inference rather than an explicit explanation provided to us. This process becomes second nature to us that we don’t even realise we are doing it! So when we must explain how we came to a certain conclusion most people will find their brains starting to hurt and in frustration blurt out:“I don’t know, just because it is!”

Well fear no more, here at High Flyers Tutoring we have the patience and guidance to support your children from young ages so that when they have reached A level they will be able to blow their examiners away.

For more information on how to help your children at home, we will not only return to this topic to future blogs but upon request we will open our doors and help you help your children be the best that you can in fun and effective ways.

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