Let’s Get Physical

Alright then, let’s start your day with a challenge! 

The first part of our life is all about education. We go to primary school, then secondary and end up at college. Throughout this time we are learning the subjects our teachers teach us, to get us through our exams. We’ve all been there and our High Flying GCSE students are currently going through the trials and tribulations of revision.

Have you ever stopped to step outside the box of algebra and word clauses to think about how these concepts and ideas came about? How could such a thing come to be?

Now, for all of you who are wondering what is the point of studying subjects that you feel you have no need for, think again. The world is full of opportunities, and your life will be full of changes and different ideas. The ‘father of science’ Mr. Galileo Galilei can vouch for me here. This Italian man expanded his knowledge into the fields of:

  • Astronomy
  • Physics
  • Engineering
  • Philosophy
  • Mathematics

So basically don’t ever think that there is only one path out there for you- try new things and have fun exploring!

Today’s topic is gravity – the concept of the magnetic force that the earth produces to keep everything grounded to the floor instead of flying around. Though the idea of floating around in the air may seem fun, how practical would it really be for our food to be escaping our mouths when we’re hungry?

So back to our main man of the day: Galileo. One of the most ingenious discoveries that he made occurred around 400 years ago when he investigated the power of gravity and weight. When standing atop the Leaning Tower of Pisa he dropped two objects of different weights to see what would happen. In technical terms the hypothesis of this experiment would be that the heavier object would hit the ground first – I’m sure we can all agree with this assumption.


However, this was not the case! Instead, once the two objects were dropped from the same height they fell the ground at the same time!

How is this possible when it completely defies common sense?!

Our High Flying students have taken in upon themselves to attempt this experiment themselves. Unfortunately, we were not able to go to the Leaning Tower of Pisa to create an accurate replication but have a look at what they found when they copied the experiment in our classroom.

We now challenge you to try this at home and figure out how this is possible. 

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